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The CES has updated the European Inventory for the year 2012. It is also in charge of National Inventory for France. The 2011 update is available. Here, you can access different CES available results regarding Inventory studies by country or region as well as forecast results. You can use Google tools to compare and visualize detailed results.



The total emissions of refrigerants in the Europe of Fifteen,  all RAC applications merged,  are estimated at 111 million CO2 equivalent tons in 2012.

R-404A emissions represent more than 42 million tons CO2 equivalent in 2012.

The end of the impact of CFCs use is stressed out, on one hand. On the other hand, high GWP HFCs are currently dominating the CO2 emissions. 





Using RIEP software, the CES has established different Forecast studies. In the Fgas regulation revision context, in 2011, two scenarios have been proposed for refrigerant emissions reduction in Europe until 2030. Moreover, in the context of measuring the impact of the existing regulations on emissions in France, the CES regularly carries out two scenarios for France. These scenarios are used in the French report to the European Commission made under the GHG Monitoring Mechanism Decision (280/2004/EC), and also in the National Communications provided by France to UNFCCC.

Evolution of CO2 equivalent emissions of refrigerants in MAC sector in France according two scenarios




In France, the application of the existing regulations, will lead to an estimated gain of 3.32 Million CO2 eq. metric tons in 2030 in the Mobile Air Conditioning Sector.

That is mainly due to the complete switch from R-134a to R-1234yf (starting 2017 for newly produced vehicles and 2018 for new sold ones).


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