Refrigerant Inventories

The CES has carried out refrigerant inventory studies for France since 1998. All the reports (in French), including asumptions, results and analyses are available. The latest ones are:

- France and DOM COM 2014

- France and DOM COM 2013,

- France and DOM COM 2012,

- and France 2011.

Inventory reports are available for DOM COM going back to 2010.

Extracts from the Final Report of the 1990-2006 Updating of the Global Inventories, released in 2010, are accessed in the short report.

Forecast studies

The executive summary of 2010 European Inventories and Previsions on banks and emissions from 2006 to 2030 for the European Union, carried out in the context of the F-gas review, present the main conclusions of the study.

Alternatives to the use of high GWP HFCs

The CES, EReIE and Cemafroid carried out, for AFCE with financial support of ADEME and UNICLIMA, a study regarding the use of HFCs in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment in France and the alternative refrigerants and technologies to the use of  high GWP HFC by application, at the end of 2013. The report Alternatives to high GWP HFCs in Refrigeration and Air-Conditionning applications is available in french and in english.

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